I have been door knocking over the past few weeks. It has been an absolute pleasure to meet so many kind, polite and engaged residents. 

This experience certainly reinforces what I know and believe about St Albert.

As I seek consensus about the issues affecting our community, I am hearing several common themes. Without doubt, high residential taxes is the first subject brought up by most homeowners. Several are now moving out of St Albert, explaining they can’t afford the tax rate. Others are asking for some relief. It negatively impacts a fair percentage of our residents.

To balance, I do hear from a much smaller number that they are completely fine with the existing taxes, they get better services as a result, and they knew coming in to St Albert that such was the case.

I hear that our community wants a reduction in wasteful spending by the City. 

I hear that the twinning of Ray Gibbon Drive is a priority.

Many are concerned that poor long range planning has resulted in today’s traffic congestion. 

I continue to hear that ‘winds of change’ are coming. Many are not pleased with the actions of some (both elected and non-elected) in City Hall.

These are all issues that I believe deserve serious consideration by both the candidates in the upcoming election, as well as by those who will be going to the polls in October. The only way to affect change is with diligent examination of candidate platforms, clear expectations (ask the candidates!) and careful voting.

I will strive to address these and my previously identified issues if elected. 



09/12/2017 5:01pm

Wow, look what efforts you make! I know there are a lot of kind and lovely people in your community. You need to learn to love and care for them dearly because this will guide you in your decisions if ever you win. I hope you success in the future. I know you are such a good person, you will have a bright future ahead!

10/06/2017 3:50am

These voting matter a lot.


We have also delighted to meet with you.


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