As one who has lived in the community for quite a while, not bashful about engaging with community members about local issues, and dedicated to following the local and regional news as it arrives, I continue to be surprised with the consistency of what I am hearing as I visit door to door.

High taxation of residential properties is raised as the first ‘message to the city’ by, depending on the district, between 40% and 70% of those asked. Although a high percentage are generally very happy with the beauty and amenities, they also believe they don’t get the kind of service that justifies the taxes they pay. This is more prevalent in condominium developments where they resent paying for some basic services (like garbage removal) while still paying premium taxes for their property. They believe the process to be ‘double billing’ and unfair. Overall, many people believe they pay too much.

The painting of sidewalks and curbs is raised in a disproportionate amount of examples, causing concern about wasted money and an embarrassing feature of our otherwise beautiful city.

The ‘traffic circle and road to nowhere’ is routinely identified as bad planning and wasted cash.

Money wasted on select initiatives by the city, which are then ‘undone’ weeks later, are seen as poor planing, poor ‘checks and balances’ of administrative initiatives, and an opportunity to save the city a substantial amount of cash.

‘Change of the guard’ seems to be a high priority amongst many. Allowing the status quo to remain is seen as a sure way for SA to continue with high taxes and wasteful spending. 

Degrading Hiway #2 into a ‘stop and go’ commuter street in the northern part of SA is seen as a failure to plan, failure to hold developers responsible for ‘access roads which would keep the major hiway flowing smoothly’ and an affront to the notion of an environmentally friendly community. The volume of traffic now forced to idle on SAT in the heart of our city because of the traffic light structure is seen as adding unnecessary CO2 to our air. Many are embarrassed by this contradiction.

Clearly, there is a lot of work to do…



08/24/2017 11:57pm

There is truly a lot of work to do in the community. The taxes aren't justified enough by the governing officials. I don't even think that they're doing something beneficial for the city. They should just use the collected money to preserve the beauty of the city. I would rather have a full change on the council roster, rather than putting up with their corrupt governance.

09/13/2017 5:42pm

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Your hearing and and action on them matters.

10/06/2017 3:58am

Motivation is actually the main key.


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