If you wish to host one of my signs on your front lawn, please drop me a note, with first name, email address (or phone) and house address. I'd be happy to deliver it immediately after Sept 18!



09/12/2017 4:59pm

Of course, if I was ever in your community, I will definitely vote for you! You are such a good catch for this position. You know what you are doing, you are smart, you are righteous, you are a leader. All the characteristics needed for a politician. I hope you win in the upcoming elections!

10/18/2017 6:33pm

I would love to have this sign on my lawn anytime. You are a good man. We have known you for years. It is not everyday we find an honest and hardworking man like you. I want all the children in this community to be like you when they grow up. They can all learn from you on how to do things with a smiling face and determination.

10/09/2017 12:50am

Keep sharing, good words and spread happiness.


Would love to be a part of that thing.


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