Last week I sent out the following message (in part) to folks on my 'contact list' and asked them to re-send to others in St Albert. The response from both this and the 'contact Al' opportunity on this webpage has been OUTSTANDING! So much so, that I run the risk of running out of signs before election day. 

"The rules allow for election signs to be placed starting on Sept 18. They must be removed by Oct 18. I have always been unimpressed with the visual blight of election signs along our roadways and the associated environmental waste. But, I have been educated that name recognition thru such signs is critical. 

The way I’m trying to mitigate this is by minimizing the number of signs ordered, and by placing them on private property (where vandalism is also somewhat reduced) instead of along our roadways. I’m also expecting that a form of ‘endorsement’ is implied when the signs relate to a household, as opposed to being on the side of the road. I can certainly use this kind of community support.

My preference would be to have all my small election signs posted on SA front lawns, as the most effective way of ensuring the ‘name recognition’ factor. If you are able to host a lawn sign, please just reply with your name, email and the street address. My volunteer team will drive by and install the signs as they have time."

If you don't see any (or many) of my little signs along the roadways in SA, my strategy will have been successful!  

I still have some left. If you wish to help my cause, please continue to volunteer for hosting a sign. When I do run out, I'll post here for all to know.

Thank you all so much!



09/20/2017 1:18am



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09/27/2017 4:52pm

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10/09/2017 12:47am

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10/09/2017 1:32am

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10/27/2017 5:26am

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11/29/2017 4:29am

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