Candidate - St. Albert City Council 
                  16 October 2017


Resident of St. Albert for 33 years

Retired Edmonton Police Service member - 30 years policing experience

Volunteer with 30 years experience in non-profit governance
‘Professional Conduct’ management experience - 18 years 

Experience in contract negotiations, labor relations, mediation, arbitration - 5 years

I will work for ALL of St. Albert for:


• Working closely with the Internal Auditor - evaluate City expenditures and efficiencies 

• Review St. Albert Transit schedules and routes to improve service and reduce costs
• Reduce City capitol project overrun policy from 50% to 15%
• Implement long term funding agreement with St. Albert Public Library

QUALITY of Life 

• Public SAFETY
- Implement Civilian oversight of RCMP
• Expand parks and trails systems to facilitate healthy lifestyles
• Support community groups who provide services for senior and disadvantaged residents

• Review Photo Enforcement to improve public safety

Council ACCOUNTABILITY and Transparency
• Improve disclosure of Council deliberations, such as;
- ‘Web-access’ of a clear record of Council motions and individual votes 

- Agenda packages available to the public earlier
- Improve Councillor/Committee reporting requirement

If you wish to share any concerns, or you can help with my campaign, please contact me at: email: (Donate by e-transfer to this email)

twitter - @allan_bohachyk 

Facebook - Allan Bohachyk St Albert 

Ph: 780-690-7218 

Website - 



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