October 16, 2017 was the day. After several months of effort to get elected into the St Albert City Council, the decision was made by you. Congratulations to those who were successful and will now guide our City for the next four years. 

Although I fell short of getting elected, my experience was nothing short of amazing. I met hundreds of kind, thoughtful and encouraging folks, I learned much about our City, and I learned a bit more about myself. This was an experience I shall not forget and I am humbled by the confidence shown in me.

Many thanks to my family and friends who helped out in a variety of ways. Some assisted with installing the large signs you saw on major roadways, some helped with re-sending messages of support, while others were ‘all in’ during the sign retrieval and storage. Important donations to my campaign efforts were sincerely appreciated! Thank you!

I have received much encouragement to ‘stay in the game’. That decision is distant, and will get consideration in due time, but the suggestions are appreciated none the less.

There is still much to do with respect to governance in this City. I will be keeping a close eye on Council and how business is conducted. Our new Council must be mindful of democratic principles, including the reality that democracy is premised on ensuring fairness, transparency and ‘always for the people’. 

I will try to post here regularly, when circumstances dictate that comment is appropriate. I am always interested to hear of community issues and how the City is attending to them. I will be watching for tax increases and if they are clearly justified. All things ‘St Albert’ will be part of the ‘watching’.

Please keep in touch.




10/23/2017 7:57am

Before anything esle, let me congratulate you for winning the election! Since there are new leaders in St. Albert, am hoping to see some great changes in this place. People voted for you because they beleive in you. They believe in the change that you can bring, that's why you have to give importance to that. Don't you ever disappoint your people because they've given you the trust you need to win the election. Be kind enough to return the favor!

12/26/2017 8:14pm

Being grateful should be inculcated on our minds. Each moment of our life won’t be possible if we just focus on ourselves. There are great people around us who help us achieve the tasks at hand. Little people who give their very best and are not asking in return must be recognized for all their efforts. I notice that people in position of power only care about the need to complete things. They forget to spend some quality time with their staff to give appreciation when due. Work will always be forever work. When you wake up, there will be things to do. The people though won’t be there forever so it would be great if we build genuine relationships.

10/29/2017 5:56am

This is good to select one person in which many persons are elected. This is our duty or responsibility to give vote for sure and select best person for us and our area if we do not give vote so there is a chance to win for those people who are not admirable. And people should communicate with leader and discuss the problems.

11/17/2017 2:28am

For those who didn't know, The St. prince consort council is that the administration of town of St. Albert, Alberta, Canada. it's composed of a civil authority and 6 councillors, aldermen before 2001. All seven members square measure elective at-large each four years, 3 years before 2013.

11/22/2017 8:41am

I admire you for being a good sport. Not everyone can accept their loss or defeat. It takes a lot of courage for a person to do that. It shows that you truly value your post as a public servant and you serve by using your heart and mind. I hope you’ll considering running next election since there are clearly a lot of people who believe in your capabilities. It’s easy to make an enemy but it’s hard to have someone who will stay with you in times of difficulties. Take care and good luck next time!


Congrats for the winning first, this is very amazing to work as a team and do effort for all the team members and enjoy the winning moment. now a day with the passage of time out door games decreases and we use smart phone.

12/10/2017 9:13am

Okay, I will keep in touch with you. Don't forget to post updates here. It will be good for you blog.

01/17/2018 3:24am

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